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Your support means a great deal to us, and at least this way, you can enjoy our drinks at home. Remember: you don’t have to shake, stir or do anything with our drinks, besides pour them over ice.


Garnishes are included and already pre-cut, so your drinks will look professional too! If you require icecubes, just say so! But do remember to bring an icebox or bag. Those cubes melt you know.. Ice is free of charge and will be given in accordance to the size of your order. 


All bottles serve 5 cocktails - For comparison purposes, you can always check our current menu normally served at the bar to see what a drink would normally cost.


Orders can be placed from Monday to Thursday all day long. Pick-up in our barstore from Tuesday to Saturday between 2pm and 11pm. 

Orders must be made through our website, and must be paid for once you place them.


You can not order the same day, as we have to pass on our orders to our suppliers on time. We work on order only and do not provide additional stock. This is to ensure social distancing protocols when picking up your order and to minimize waiting lines.


Payment can be made with Bancontact, most credit cards and cash. If you prefer delivery, we work with DPD. We ship your order as soon as your payment is received. (Transport and packaging fee in the amount of €7,5 per package).


Please note that delivery can take 3 to 5 business days. 


We thank you for understanding. If you have any questions or special requests; feel free to contact us. We will be happy to try and fulfill your wishes as well as possible.



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