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Welcome to our bar’s website.

The bar opens from Tuesday to Saturday & on shopping Sundays (every 1st Sunday of the month). Any changes in opening hours are communicated through our Instagram and Facebook accounts.


Please note that we stop accepting new arrivals past midnight and serve last calls half an hour before closing time, or at the bartender's discretion.

Due to the limited space available, we can not accommodate parties or groups larger than 6 guests. To visit the bar with a group, we ask you to check our reservations policy.

Access to persons under 21 is not allowed.

Food Pairing Event August 7th: Fully booked!

Our second food pairing event is now fully booked. We no longer accept reservations for this event.

New menu as of June 2022!

We’re excited to present you our new menu.

Please note that due to the specific style and nature of our drinks and bar, many of our drinks may contain animal products such as honey, cream & butter.


If you want to make sure your drinks are vegan, check with our staff.



Big Daddy's Falernum is an aged Falernum, infused with Juniper Berries, botanicals and fresh fruit. This makes this Falernum naturally sweet & sour as well as a bit spicy, with all natural ingredients. We're about to go big! Stay tuned for more news soon!



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